World of Virtualization, vmware ESXi & Citriz Xen

Here you can find the detailed documentation written be me and my team Virtualization


This word seems to be very simple but we working on it and studying it was really a wonderful time for me and my group. We use to spend hours together fighting with each, placing our point of view that’s how we worked, learned and taught each other.

You can download the documentation which we prepared in the above link, we have explained in detail all the stuff  from working , architecture , memory allocation and network.

Our study was on vmware ESXi and Citrix Xen(free version) , at the end of the documentation you can find the detailed comparison of both the products.

We implemented both the products on IBM BLADECENTER HS22.  We use to spend hours together in our college Admin room discussing things with our admin, who helped us a lot 😉

I am not writing what all i worked on here , please refer the documentation.








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