Bit of me…

Hi Readers,

Thank you for coming to this page to know more about me

Fun loving creature in short , that’s me 😉

The way in which i look at my responsibility  is what makes me different. I love to work on things which is interesting for me and i give my 100% for it . Always trying to learn new things and love to share it with others, who really are interested to learn from me 😉  I always think i am beginner which helps me to make mistake and learn from it.

I hate souls who underestimate other’s capability. I am a social animal, that’s how human beings are defined.

I pursued  Master in Computer Application from Symbiosis International University in 2013, my specialization is System Administrations.

At present I work as System  Admin, Mainly work on BI tools as present company is analytical company.  Working in mixed environment of Linux and Windows is real good exposure and I get do task on both.

Previously worked in wifi-soft solution, Pune.  We at wifi-soft were responsible for managing more than 30000 hotpots around the world . I worked in a product based company where I was responsible for maintaining Public Cloud Server, Global Client Support  and headed  24/7 support team .

I will keep updating this page if something new happens in my life 😉 


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